Kinder Academy Montessori

San Mateo, California

Our School

A warm and nurturing environment that fosters a love for learning.

Our Philosophy

Kinder Academy Montessori is committed to providing meaningful experiences that aid in the development of the whole child. Children are guided in an enriched environment that allows them to fulfill their inner needs for learning at their own pace. Children also develop an awareness of themselves, others and their surroundings.
It is our goal that each child develops confidence and become enthusiastic about the world around them.

Our Teachers

The teaching staff at Kinder Academy Montessori are highly qualified and experienced Montessori trained teachers. They are dedicated to meeting each child's cognitive, emotional and social needs.

Our Classes

The classrooms are carefully prepared in a Montessori environment that provides children many opportunities to engage in activities that promote concentration, coordination, independence, socialization and academic growth.
The program offers small class sizes and an exceptional 1:6 teacher to student ratio.