Kinder Academy Montessori

San Mateo, California


Kinder Testimonies.

Our family just LOVES Kinder Academy Montessori. Not only does our four-year old daughter benefit greatly from nurturing relationships with each of her teachers, the curriculum also often feeds her imagination and curiosity. Soon after beginning to learn about the solar system, she came home and cut four circles out of colored paper. She gave distinctive features to each circle using markers - stripes, swirls etc. - then asked me to write down a fact or two about each planet she had just made. "This is the planet with the big red spot", she told me, but couldn't remember its name. She could hardly wait to get back to school to find out which planet it was.

My daughter started at Kinder Academy Montessori at the age of three. We love the school very much. The school has provided such a nurturing environment for children. The teachers are very focused with the kid's safety and they are caring and very respectful. Teachers always collaborate with parents in terms of the child's needs. The school also focuses on personal development which is very important to preschool aged children. Our daughter for example became more sociable with different age group children. She became more creative with her artwork, language and motor skills. She started to learn more about different culture, history, science, math, sensory skills and practical life skills. She even learned how to create her own book with artwork on it. One part that we really like about the school is the idea of children of different ages share the same classes and are encouraged to collaborate and help each other. Special educational materials are also used to keep the children interested, such as knobs, cylinders, arts and crafts, geometrical figures with different shapes and sizes, letter and number pieces for language and quantification skills development.

Kinder Academy Montessori is an outstanding Montessori preschool. Our daughter was shy and timid when she joined. The school truly helped her blossom into a confident and articulate kindergartner. All the teachers are amazing and truly work with each individual child to bring out the best in them. They focus on social emotional learning and teach children how to be model citizens. There is a strong focus on both reading, math and other exercises that prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Additionally, the kids have tons of fun with various cultural celebrations, surprise guests like the reptile lady and Bug Safari and fun events throughout the year. I am sad that my daughter is graduating this year and we have to leave this wonderful school that helped her grow in various ways.