Kinder Academy Montessori

San Mateo, California


In the Montessori classroom, children are able to pursue and explore their interests in the following areas:

Practical Life Area

Children develop self-help skills by doing activities that they observe in their daily routines. These exercises provide opportunities to improve eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, a sense of order and concentration. A few examples of activities that can be found in this area are: pouring water from one container to another, spooning, using tongs and buttoning frames.

Sensorial Area

Children learn to distinguish between objects by height, weight, width, shape, color, sound, taste, smell and texture. Through orderly use of scientifically designed materials, the child's senses are sharpened and refined. This area also provides a foundation for higher math concepts.

Language Area

Children acquire skills for oral and written language through sharing of spoken thoughts, feelings and ideas. Children gain enjoyable and purposeful experiences as they develop skills for reading and writing through guided use of materials.

Math Area

Children develop an understanding of number concepts in this area. Through progressive application of materials, children naturally grasp abstract mathematical concepts.

Science and Cultural Area

These subjects stimulate interest in natural life, the world, and the universe. Multicultural subjects broaden children's perspective and teach respect for others.